Thriller Novels Online

Novelists are a put upon bunch. Did you know? Do you care? Well they are. Millions of people all over the world are looking for ‘good new mystery books’ or ‘new thriller books’ if you believe the google search data. But, butty-but-but, poor writers need to get past the gatekeepers before they can get to the public. Who are the gatekeepers? Agents, publishers, editors and dozens of others. Most of whom want to know  two things:

1. Have you got a big pair of tits?

2. Have you been on Big Brother?

If you fit neither of those you are stuffed, smashed, mullaaaaad  sunshine. Oh I know there are a few who get through but….well you know the rest don’t you? What’s a poor author to do?

Recognise things for what they are, that’s what. Write shit-hot stuff that is absolutely congruent with the intention and keep telling the story until it is sufficiently energised to attract others to it. 

Am I making sense or shall I go and lie down?


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