Kill&Cure ‘Freed Up’

I’ve posted the fact that Kill&Cure is now free to download on both mobile-reads and the kindle boards. If you are from either of these forums: thank-you for stopping by. If you are not, thank-you for finding your own way here!

The novel is my debut. It was published in the UK last summer and has been well recieved (see the right hand column of this blog for the relevant links). Harry Bingham, author of Sweet Talking Money and The Sons of Adam called it: ‘A fast paced, complex plot…a thriller that delivers.’  

If that sounds like your cup of tea, I’m offering it as a free download here on this blog. The link to download it is the book cover below. It is available in both PDF and .PRC format. The PDF will be fine. We’re not so sure about the .PRC (it was converted – I’m told – from the PDF master). Goodness knows what difference that makes! Anyway, please pass it on if you enjoy it and maybe leave a comment here or one of the above forums.


Chiropractic Dissenter

Is dissenter a word? I’ll look it up…no I won’t, I cant be arsed. Thought I’d share my response to Professor Ernst’s possible demise (scientifically speaking that is). The professor has a lot to say on chiropractic and has not been shy to do so for the last ten years at least.

The link to the article is: 

I get really angry whenever I see this ego maniac in the papers, so here is my penny’s worth which can you can read in the ‘comments’ part of the same link.

Stephen Davison wrote:
I’m a Chiropractor. I wasn’t always – I used to be a research scientist at Cambridge University.
I first became aware of Professor Ernst when I was a Chiropractic student and was struck by his profligate approach to research. At Cambridge, arguments both written and oral were always couched in conservative terms, using the ‘passive voice’ to give a balanced view on whatever was under investigation. The Professor it seemed was untroubled by such restraint.
As I dug deeper into Professor Ernst’s ‘research’ it became clear that his department does very little original research of its own, instead it gathers papers together (often from obscure sources) to support a point of view that the Professor holds, often ignoring compelling research that might give the opposite view.
And here’s the problem for the Professor: balanced, well argued viewpoints, in which research findings are weighted equally and fairly is not sexy. Sexy gets you into the papers, and this in my opinion, is what the Professor craves more than anything else. His ‘journalist’ opinions get him into the papers time and time again (usually The Mail or Express) where he ‘outs’ another profession that threatens to put a small dent in the profits of the pharmaceutical industry. He’s managed to get himself into The Times for goodness sake by effectively blaming Prince Charles for the demise of his depatment!
It’s not royalty that’s done it, I’m afraid. He’s done it to himself. I sincerely hope he is ‘let go’ and money is found for another scientist who wants to get to the truth of an issue rather than get into the papers.

Free Crime Book Online

My heart-felt thanks to all the bloggers out there who have made their readers aware that Kill&Cure is now available to download for free. Special mention to Kimbofo at Reading Matters, and Karen at Eurocrime who spawned a whole wave of blogs that have led to an avalanche of downloads. I’m very grateful.

To those who have already downloaded and those who will in the future: Happy Reading folks!


P.S. Please let me know how you are faring with the novel. Your opinions are important to me….

Skin Tags

Sounds like the name of a good thriller doesn’t it? Might use that one.

In fact it’s what I’ve just had removed from my arm pits. I didn’t need them removed by the way,  they weren’t catching on clothing or bleeding when I washed ‘mi pits or anything as worthy as that. Oh no. I did for vanity. Plain and simple. Didn’t like the look of ’em when I lifted my arms, so I got the doc to lop the buggers off.

I’ve got a reputation to upkeep. Didn’t you know?

What’s this got to do with thrillers, I hear you ask. Well, what about the fact that we – authors – lop off stuff from our writing (during the edits) that we have previously clung on to. Will that do? Stuff we’ve held to our breasts and our arm pits through most of the re-writes. Stuff that we loved – the paragraph written so pleasingly, the scene so cool that it gave us a warm glow. Except it doesn’t take the piece forward. It’s just there for no other purpose than it is there.

It’s a skin tag folks!

I write pacy thrillers. They move at a million miles an hour (did I say a million? Two million, I meant two million); they are F.A.S.T. So we can’t have bits that are surplus to, can we?

 ‘Course not.

Now leave me alone while I change the dressing on my surgical wounds.



Writing this novel was a dream and darn hard work. Or maybe a hard working dream. The urge to create somethng from nothing, to manifest (bit new age that I know) something in the physical realm from a thought or an idea, a nugget of something intangible from the spiritual realm is the biggest buzz you can have.

I’m serious.

I don’t care if its a new thriller book, a business, a community, a science protocol…whatever gets you excited is what you must create NOW.

And that’s the idea isn’t it? To get excited.

If you’re excited about an idea and you don’t know what to do next. I don’t care what it is. If I can help, I will.

Now enough preaching for today. I’m off to take some tablets.