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Novelists are a put upon bunch. Did you know? Do you care? Well they are. Millions of people all over the world are looking for ‘good new mystery books’ or ‘new thriller books’ if you believe the google search data. But, butty-but-but, poor writers need to get past the gatekeepers before they can get to the public. Who are the gatekeepers? Agents, publishers, editors and dozens of others. Most of whom want to know  two things:

1. Have you got a big pair of tits?

2. Have you been on Big Brother?

If you fit neither of those you are stuffed, smashed, mullaaaaad  sunshine. Oh I know there are a few who get through but….well you know the rest don’t you? What’s a poor author to do?

Recognise things for what they are, that’s what. Write shit-hot stuff that is absolutely congruent with the intention and keep telling the story until it is sufficiently energised to attract others to it. 

Am I making sense or shall I go and lie down?


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Book Like James Patterson

Who are you like?

That’s what you get asked when people realise you’ve written a book.

‘Er..not sure,’ used to be my response but not now. Nah, not ever now because, be-cause people – all of us need drawers to put things in or hooks to hang things on or, or… er… pigeon holes! that’s it, pigeon holes to place things into. They want to position you. It settles them. So now I say stuff like, ‘Oh, James Patterson,’ or sometime if I’m feeling particularly bold: ‘My books are like Dan Brown.’ Then I nod decisively in case I seem less than convinced.

Who am I like? God knows. I wish I had the courage of the great Elvis P, who told a producer “I don’t sound like nobody” when asked a similar question.

See ya anon.

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What’s the intention? This is the question. In a novel the intention for it – the novel – must be defined, specific, achievable and must never be diluted. I’m not talking about plots or characterisation or scenes or any of that stuff. I’m talking about the feel, the pace, the sense, the smell of it. That’s the intention. Intention for any creation must be arrived at, stuck to and followed until it has been completed. Easier said than done.
Should it be free? Oh that’s another question entirely. This idiot thinks that perhaps it should.

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Free Thriller e-Book

The idea of giving away a free copy of one’s book is not new. It just rarely happens to a book that has just been published in the conventual way. People are always searching for good thriller books to read its true, thing is they usually pay for it! Well things have changed- the internet has seen to that. The way we want to access stuff – information, entertainment, news – has changed. We can get news whenever we want and don’t have to buy a paper to do so. We can listen to any tune we please and not have to pay or leave our homes to get it, we can virtually buy whatever we want at the click of a button.

None of this is new. It’s just getting bigger.

So why not give away Kill&Cure? Why not indeed. It is fast, smart and it twists. If you enjoy books by James Patterson or John Grisham, you will love it. I promise.


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Free Crime Book Online

Having a chitty-chat with the publishers a few weeks ago and I had an idea about Kill&Cure.  

‘An idea like what?’ they asked.

‘An idea like giving the book away free,’ I replied.

‘Are you mad?’

‘Me? Nah….’

Here’s the thinking. You don’t know who I am, right?


So why would you buy Kill&Cure when you can just as easily buy an Alex Cross novel, or something by Brown or Grisham?

Now then, the clever bit: if you go to and tell me who you are and where in the world you are from, then you can get it for free. Check out the YouTube vid too – it’ll give you all the info.

You heard it here first.

Hello world!

I’m writing this just after writing my first blog which is the wrong way round, I suppose. Still I won’t tell if you don’t. So what have we here? We have a F.A.S.T. blog.

F= Fast and furious

A= Action or story Driven

S= Smart

T= Twist

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