Some (not all, just some) of you are having trouble converting the Kill&Cure PDF’s to what ever format you are used to – PRC, PDA, PD something else I can’t remember. I’ll do ‘mi best to sort it and let you know.

Much, much love…



Writing this novel was a dream and darn hard work. Or maybe a hard working dream. The urge to create somethng from nothing, to manifest (bit new age that I know) something in the physical realm from a thought or an idea, a nugget of something intangible from the spiritual realm is the biggest buzz you can have.

I’m serious.

I don’t care if its a new thriller book, a business, a community, a science protocol…whatever gets you excited is what you must create NOW.

And that’s the idea isn’t it? To get excited.

If you’re excited about an idea and you don’t know what to do next. I don’t care what it is. If I can help, I will.

Now enough preaching for today. I’m off to take some tablets.


Book Like James Patterson

Who are you like?

That’s what you get asked when people realise you’ve written a book.

‘Er..not sure,’ used to be my response but not now. Nah, not ever now because, be-cause people – all of us need drawers to put things in or hooks to hang things on or, or… er… pigeon holes! that’s it, pigeon holes to place things into. They want to position you. It settles them. So now I say stuff like, ‘Oh, James Patterson,’ or sometime if I’m feeling particularly bold: ‘My books are like Dan Brown.’ Then I nod decisively in case I seem less than convinced.

Who am I like? God knows. I wish I had the courage of the great Elvis P, who told a producer “I don’t sound like nobody” when asked a similar question.

See ya anon.

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