Kill&Cure ‘Freed Up’

I’ve posted the fact that Kill&Cure is now free to download on both mobile-reads and the kindle boards. If you are from either of these forums: thank-you for stopping by. If you are not, thank-you for finding your own way here!

The novel is my debut. It was published in the UK last summer and has been well recieved (see the right hand column of this blog for the relevant links). Harry Bingham, author of Sweet Talking Money and The Sons of Adam called it: ‘A fast paced, complex plot…a thriller that delivers.’  

If that sounds like your cup of tea, I’m offering it as a free download here on this blog. The link to download it is the book cover below. It is available in both PDF and .PRC format. The PDF will be fine. We’re not so sure about the .PRC (it was converted – I’m told – from the PDF master). Goodness knows what difference that makes! Anyway, please pass it on if you enjoy it and maybe leave a comment here or one of the above forums.