The Stifle

I don’t read newspapers much. When I do, I’m not too fussed what I read. I’ll pick up anything from The Times to The Daily Star. As far as newspaper reading is concerned I ain’t proud.

However, there is one columnist whom, when I do delve into his paper, almost always makes me smile and (more often than not) has me nodding in agreement at his random musings. He’s name is Richard Littlejohn and he writes for The Daily Mail. He is obsessed (I think its fair to say) with what he sees as the ultra PC, lack of common sense, beaurocratic, socially engineered type of society we have become. Its the sort of thing you hear down the pub all the time but put more eloquently.

Turns out Rich has turned his musings into a book. Good luck to him, you might say.

Apparently not.

A trawl through the book’s Amazon profile and one is met by a slew of (early) snide and sarcatic reviews from people who seem to be outraged by his material. Is this the same bloke that makes me smile in The Daily Mail I ask? 

Closer inspection reveals a more sinister agenda. It seems the right-on Liberal brigade that Littlejohn is so suspicious of have been at work. Have a gander yourself if you’ve a mind to. Here’s the link: