Thank-you for confirming.

I will now send you two emails.

The first you will receive immediately. It has a MOBI file attachment (Kindle), the other has an ePUB attachment (Sony e-reader) and will be sent a day later.



42 thoughts on “

  1. Thanks for the free download and i look forward to reading it. If i think it’s good i’ll read some of your others …cheers.

  2. Hi, Stephen,
    Can’t open either of the files you’ve sent, sadly. Do I need to have a special programme installed? I don’t have a Kindle, just my laptop.

  3. Thanks Stephen, I’m looking forward to reading it. It’ll have to wait a bit though as I’ve just bought Kill&Cure from Amazon so that’s going to have to come first!

    • Hi Sarah,
      Thank-you for this. It’s great you’re reading K&C first because Dead Innocent is an extension of it. With K&C my intention was to make it FAST, FAST, FAST…it has been perfect for kindle and did phenomenally well. Dead Innocent is more mature. The characters are more developed and the series really starts to take off. Anyway, when you’ve done, meet me over at the facebook page and tell me how you got on.

  4. Thanks bunches. I look forward to receiving the ePub file so I can start reading. As you’ve indicated to Sarah, I am going to read K&C first so that I can enjoy the full experience of your writing 🙂

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